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Breaking languagebarriers, connecting globalcrypto- Chat Beyond Borders

Key Points

Project/Moderator Side

Cryptocurrency projects face challenges finding multilingual moderators, causing communication bottlenecks.

Community Side

Language differences persistently limit inclusive community discussions, hindering diverse collaboration.

Chiba Translator Solution

​Chiba AI Translator streamlines project management by eliminating the need for multilingual moderators, fostering an inclusive community experience.


One Chat, Every Language

Embrace the power of unified communication

With Chiba AI, all languages converge in a single, dynamic chat environment for truly inclusive dialogue.

Effortless Global Conversations

Our Chiba AI Translator embodies simplicity and efficiency, bridging English, Chinese,  and more for seamless global engagement.


Meet Chiba AI Translator, your go-to central hub on Discord for breaking language barriers! 

This intelligent bot simplifies communication across diverse Discord channels. 

Central Meeting Hub: Chiba AI Translator seamlessly integrates into your prefered Discord server, acting as a centralized meeting point that links users conversing in different languages like French, English, and Spanish.


Introducing Chiba AI Translator, your central meeting place on Telegram! 

This ingenious bot simplifies cross-language communication across various Telegram channels. 

Central Meeting Place: Chiba Translator seamlessly joins multiple Telegram channels, creating a hub that connects users speaking different languages, such as French, English, and Spanish.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Ohhhh. How interesting

Very cool 😍😍

Bridging out communities is awesome


$Bank Community

We usually use the btok automatic translation function for translation. This translates directly to the Chinese group, which is very good and saves time !

The King of V God

$Gamer Community

Man fk ⚡️ everyone can communicate

and see each others replies in there

own language 🤯⚡️

Carlos Velazquez

$Volt Community

Packages and Pricing

Custom Branded Bot: +$1500

Setting up Chiba AI is a breeze. Simply add the bot as a moderator in your language chats. It instantly begins aggregating communications, making global interaction immediate and effortless.


Empower Your Community’s Voice

Bridge Linguistic Divides:

Seamlessly connect diverse language groups.

Smooth, Engaging Chats:

Foster natural, barrier-free conversations.

Amplify Community Reach:

Ensure every message resonates across cultures.

Boost Interaction:

Promote active  engagement in discussions.

Innovative Partnership

Join forces with leaders like NFA Labs, FirstBank ETH, Shina Token, Volt Inu, Yieldification, and many more. They’re not just communicating, they’re forging global connections.


Revenue Distribution:

  • 80% of funds generated through Chiba AI Translator are shared with $CHIBA holders.

Marketing and Buyback Strategy:

  • 15% of funds generated are allocated for strategic marketing initiatives.

  • ​5% of funds are designated for regular buybacks.


Chiba Holders' Benefits

Step into an era where language is no longer a barrier but a bridge to global connectivity.

Experience the future of communication. Integrate Chiba now.

Join the Chiba AI Evolution


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